can someone please help me with syncing?

Can someone please explain to me how to sync my wallet? thank you :slight_smile:

Syncing is very CPU intensive in Reddcoin Core 2.0. This was also a problem with Bitcoin 0.9, which Reddcoin 2.0 is based on. However because Reddcoin’s block time is 10x faster than bitcoins, there are 10x as many blocks per unit of time. The best advice anyone can give you is just be patient. If you are running on Windows, you will see worrying messages in the window title bar saying “Not responding”. Some people make the mistake of trying to restart the app which in some cases just makes things worse (block reindexing, database corruption, etc). Just be patient and leave it to do its thing for a few days.

Someone may chime in on how to speed up the sync with the bootstrap file. However in reality that doesn’t get you much of a speedup and if you’re not technically proficient it’s not with the hassle or risk of screwing up.

The good news is that once you’re synced, Reddcoin is blazingly fast. Try to keep it synced up to date daily if you can, or even better run 24/7.


henry thank you for responding. does the wallet syn on its own or do I need to do something?

The wallet should sync automatically the first time you run it, and resume syncing if you close out of the program before it finishes. It took less than 24 hours to sync on my computer, and it started 3 years and 23 weeks behind the last block. It syncs a weeks worth of blocks every ten minutes or so, give or take.

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still hasn’t synced does, the wallet have to be open?

It takes several days to complete - just be patient :slight_smile:

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Understood. Thank you

Hi, you could download the block chain, and, putting in it a specific folder , and then sync should end very fast.

I did that and it took like 15 mins to sync.

Before that I was like 4 days syncing

Put this with your wallet.dat file and you will save yourself a bunch of time.

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Ok Wallet is synced. Trying to send from exchange to wallet, but getting message “cannot process”
what could the problem be? obviously copying and pasting receiving address, seem straight forward. Not sure why it’s not going through.

Nevermind! I got it. So staking will occur automatically now that all funds are in my wallet?

Also if someone can tell me how to backup my wallet on a USB, Id really appreciate it, thx.

Really simple, backup your Wallet and save the backup file on your device and copy it to your USB stick :wink: backupped :slight_smile:

thanks, that’s what I thought. now when you go to open the back-up it asks what program to open it with. What’s the answer to that?

Jowyams, trying to tip you but your link is not active

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