Can someone restore my wallet.dat? (You can get 40% from it)

Hello, thats my wallet that I need to restore. I have wallet.dat backup that didn’t work for some reason (read my previous post). If someone can handle this problem - i can send my wallet.dat to your mail. Appreciate all the help!

Will try…

Please send it to me

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Before you go and send your wallet file to someone who will probably take all of it, check to see if your Windows installation has a shadow copy of your wallet. Right click your Reddcoin folder and check Previous Versions.

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I’m sure if you were to message the Dev team they would help you out… I’m sure they are the last people that would be looking to shaft you!

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lvtion said in Can someone restore my wallet.dat? (You can get 40% from it):

ly take

I’m not inerested in his 17000 rdd. I have a lot more than that

Eicosoco, are you sure that they will respond me at I think that there is practically no hope for anything lol, and then I’ll need to buy it again, but hope for the best. If you send it, we’ll fix it and send it back.

pafs Ok, send your PM

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