Can wallet use less memory?

Now it uses around 180,000 kB. Can this be lowered?

mine uses 252mb of ram, I have no idea how it works on a pi

I’m on a PC. I’m no expert on the subject matter, but I’m looking at another wallet I’m running, and it sits at around 30,000 kB. Just wondering why the reddcoin wallet uses more, when it’s possible (apparently) to use less.

Cryptolized You have to remember that you are mining coins… You have to make difficult calculations.

When we retrieve technical miners from the scene with the PoSV we knew we have to give a bit of our computational power. I’m glad we could pull this off! :smiley:

Are you using the qt wallet/staking?

Naro yes!

Oliver Sorry that was meant to be Cryptolized

Naro Yes. I thought this wallet was staking/minting, and not mining.