Cannot get my Reddcoin Wallet installed on Linux Mint 18.3

I’m a newb on Linux and cannot figure out why I can’t install a Reddcoin wallet. I have Linux Mint 18.3. 64 bit. I downloaded the linux file from and extracted it into my download folder. I click go into reddcoin- and click on reddcoin-qt and make executable and run. I get an error that says “Error loading block database. Do you want to rebuild the block database now?” My choices are abort and ok and no matter what I choose, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

hmm i believe you have to manually install a premade block package first, once that is installed the syncing process won’t have to start from 0% … (i’m a noob don’t hold me accountable for the bullshit i sometimes say)
If this is the case then i believe the following lines of code should help get you on your way.

cd ~/.reddcoin
xz -d bootstrap.dat.xz

In order to import the Bootstrap blockchain you have to run Reddcoin for the first time without internet connection. It is not possible to import blocks to an already partially network-synchronized blockchain. The amount of connections to the network during import should be 0. The import process will take several hours.

source: (step 8)

I really hope this works for you, goodluck!