can't buy new reddcoins...

Hey guys,
I am just new and totally into reddcoins.
I just installed my wallet and everything is finally syncronized.
now it appears that I can not buy reddcoins on the website … they do not allow new users. is there anyone who wants to order reddcoins for me? Of course I pay them back! many thanks and regards, Willem

Is there no one who want to boot me up by selling me around 1000 reddcoins ?
the other roads such as coinbase or earning them also does not… works well for earning them… It might be slow going at the moment with the sudden increase in RDD value, but I assure you that it works perfectly well.


How much do you want to buy?
I can help!
Write a personal message

LiteBit is starting to accept new users again. They invite people who signed up, so make sure you do! Has anyone helped you yet? If so, great! If not, message me. We can work something out.