Can't Withdraw my coins from wallet

I am trying to withdraw coins from my wallet. Fully sync wallet yet keeps failing to withdraw. Using 3.10.3 wallet and Windows 10. Status - Conflicted.
Anyone else had this problem or know a fix?

Hi there.

You need to:

  • Delete existing blockchain data, and redownload it
  • Remove the stuck transactions from your wallet (transactions without a green check mark).
  • You are already using the latest version of Reddcoin Core. Nice.
  • You are using Windows 10.


So, my questions before we can continue:

  • Is Reddcoin Core installed in C:\Program Files\Reddcoin?
    (Do you see a file named reddcoin-qt.exe there?)

  • Press the following keys: Windows key + R .
    This opens the ‘Run’ window.
    In that Window, enter:

    Do you see the following folders and files there: blocks and chainstate?


Please answer as detailed as possible.

And, in the meantime, please download this file (4 GB, can take a while):