Cap codes for RDD!

Hey guys! Do you like finding codes underneath the caps sealing the world’s most delicious American drink there is? Do you like going to and entering in those codes, for points?! Do you like saving those points up until you get something awesome from their prize catalog?!? WELL?! DO YOU?!?! Then this, my dear friend, is for you.

I’ve collected these caps waaaaay back when bitcoin was worth a few cents. I thought that if I saved enough, I could sell them for some bitcoin. Back then, bitcoins were worth about $30 or so. BUT. It was too late. I ended up with 312 caps found from buying sodas to finding caps along the street. They’ve long been forgotten, until I found them in a bag, hanging on my clothing rack, when I was searching for a jacket. What better way to liquidate my assets than offer them for an even better asset? Reddcoin!

Asking 35,000 RDD per code. They’re unused. And instead of sending you the code as text, I’m going to take a picture of the code(s), along with the buyer’s username and date, and send that either to the buyer, or to an escrow party if the buyer so desires…

…and if you think this is fake…



Also selling them for XMR/ETH on bitcointalk :stuck_out_tongue:

So whaddya say, wanna buy some caps? PM me, buy now! :smiley: