Chrome browser wallet // seed issue

I ve been trying unsuccessfully to enter my seed to import a previously deleted chrome browser wallet twice : once with V0.0.1, once with V0.0.2. The seed consists of 19 words separated by spaces. No accents, no punctuation. UTF8 characters. Did anyone experience the same issue?

FaintinGoat Seed are 12 words, not 19. You can’t add your own word to the seed. They are from a word list.

Future version will prevent seed modification.

Reddcoin My mistake. Users should be prevented from changing the words of the given seed during installation of the wallet.

FaintinGoat No problem, you are not the only one who try that. It will be fix in next release. thanks

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FaintinGoat I can recover these types of seeds. PM the seed to me along with a receiving address if you need your coins back. There was a small bug where I forgot to validate auto-generated seeds. Its only validating imported seeds.

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