Chrome Extension Wallet: Cannot send

Wallet Version 0.99.3
Funds were received (see below for my solution if your walled does not show all funds)
Funds location: One of the Savings addresses.
I am trying to register a RedID. For this I try to send funds to the “Funding” address shown on the registration page of the wallet.
I enter this address in the “Send To” field, then I enter the amount.
When I click the “Send” button - nothing happens.
This is very scary … meaning … not being able to send …

Anyway - If you had the issue with your Chrome wallet not showing all of the transactions - this is what worked for me:
R-Click on the Chrome Extension - Manage Extensions - On the new tab (right on top), turn the extension OFF, then back ON. That should force the wallet to re-synch with the blockchain and show the funds.

Many thanks for any help.
Will send a tip just to test the Send button …

Send someone 1RDD to test it.

Yeah, testing would be the best thing

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Sorry for the late reply. I thought this forum was dead.
To thank you for the reply - Let me send you some RDD.
What is your address?

Thanks for the reply!
What is your address. I will send some RDD your way.
A “Thank you” is as good a test as any :slight_smile:


You can send here. Thanks.

I tried … Send button dead … huh. Thanks for the reply man. 07%20PM

You could try enabling javascript.

Just checked, JavaScript was enabled. No sites were blocked. I guess the Chrome wallet was left by the company unfinished. Thanks again man.

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No worriez bro. I hope you get it sorted.

Is that address of yours still valid?

Yes. The address is still valid.

Thanks Man, I sent a private message.

To others who might be reading this:
How do we close a topic here?
As this is an old thread it get’s misleading when it floats to the top with that title.
The issues with the Chrome wallet were resolved and the solution was discussed in later threads.