Chrome Extension Wallet: Cannot send


Wallet Version 0.99.3
Funds were received (see below for my solution if your walled does not show all funds)
Funds location: One of the Savings addresses.
I am trying to register a RedID. For this I try to send funds to the “Funding” address shown on the registration page of the wallet.
I enter this address in the “Send To” field, then I enter the amount.
When I click the “Send” button - nothing happens.
This is very scary … meaning … not being able to send …

Anyway - If you had the issue with your Chrome wallet not showing all of the transactions - this is what worked for me:
R-Click on the Chrome Extension - Manage Extensions - On the new tab (right on top), turn the extension OFF, then back ON. That should force the wallet to re-synch with the blockchain and show the funds.

Many thanks for any help.
Will send a tip just to test the Send button …


Send someone 1RDD to test it.


Yeah, testing would be the best thing


Sorry for the late reply. I thought this forum was dead.
To thank you for the reply - Let me send you some RDD.
What is your address?


Thanks for the reply!
What is your address. I will send some RDD your way.
A “Thank you” is as good a test as any :slight_smile:



You can send here. Thanks.


I tried … Send button dead … huh. Thanks for the reply man. 07%20PM


You could try enabling javascript.


Just checked, JavaScript was enabled. No sites were blocked. I guess the Chrome wallet was left by the company unfinished. Thanks again man.


No worriez bro. I hope you get it sorted.