CodeRedd Game's Launch

I woke up 2 weeks ago today and decided to build a super easy video game. I had no idea that its release was going to align with today’s birthday celebrity: Pac-Man. Here’s the first game release of the first game from CodeRedd Games. Many more to come! Suggestions welcome.

Start playing in 47 minutes.
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bmp02050 should add page where user can change his reddcoin address, I failed :stuck_out_tongue:

iisurge I shall do that in the AM

First off, this is great bmp02050 ! :slight_smile:

I played the free version first to get the gist of it, but when i logged in and tried to play the arcade one the game failed to load:

No errors, it simply won’t load. I can do the usual T/S, but i wanted to report it first to see if i’m the only one or not (FF v38.0.1).

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bmp02050 it doesn’t load for me either…

I disabled the pay version to test out the payment mechanics. It looks as though someone had made a test payment to see if they could play short, and I realized that I need to put in one other feature to capture that data to send coins back if the payment fails. Convertor and I will be debugging the payment system today.

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I was also having trouble just before launch with the hosting service, which is why those popups appear. I’m moving the website to a better server either today or tomorrow.

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The competitive arcade is up for Pac-Man. Going to add some real AI to make it squirrely as hell to get huge scores, however, the invincible timer has been bumped to 10 seconds for the first 20 levels and 7.5 seconds after that. The ghosts don’t spawn after Pac-Man’s death if he’s eaten one and it hadn’t yet respawned. That was a strange glitch that caused several of the same ghosts to appear at the beginning of the spawn phase so instead of just 4 ghosts, you were being chased by 5-8 of them.

The paywall works fine, just takes a minute to verify payment. We need more people staking to speed up verifications (hint hint).

Lastly, going to move to the new server fairly soon, just need to make sure the PHP scripts properly gather transactions and high scores.

bmp02050 Can you check why the site is requesting a Java Plugin. I have blocked Java in my Browser for security reasons but allowed Unitiy Player and it is working. Seems Java is not required but requested by the page for some reason.

By the way. Good old Pacman is still fun. Need to test the reddcoin edition when I have some more time. :slight_smile:

Can you make the ghosts flash when they are in invincible mode?

ReddcoinRocks It’s bunk. I’ve got it hosted on right now because it was free and I was looking to just get something simple set up a few months ago. I do have a paid VPS now and I need to migrate the website to the new one. The popups on 000webhost are crap and I hate them with a passion. The words I use when they pop up would make a sailor blush. I’m going to probably knock it offline tonight momentarily and push everything to the new server to prevent that crap from showing up.

bmp02050 yea unfortunately my ISP blocks any sites hosted on 000webhost

Then tonight, after beer and pizza with friends, I shall move it.