CodeRedd: Terrestrial Conflict [Game][Update-1]

As you know, there are several awesome community members out there working on fun ways to introduce people to Reddcoin. For example look at m3ndi3 and the work she does (and is developing). I’m also working on something which is far too ambitious for just one person to tackle but I’m going to do it anyways. I’ve had several people chime in, post help (thanks iisurge) and I have connected to an indie gaming company about 20 miles from my house and 2 minutes from where I work who are also willing to help out.

So, here’s the update:
I have taught myself many aspects of the gaming engine of which I am using. I can now switch between different levels (scenes, screens, what-have-you), have got my database set up, the wallet ready to go, local web server set up, and am currently working on the login/signup scripts that generate a wallet address for each unique user. Thanks to iisurge that should be a piece of cake. I was having difficulty getting PHP to work on my computer (and with such slow internet, it took forever to download files) but managed to get it working right. Security will be heightened on the scripts for pushing data to the database, as I want no SQL injections, cross site hacks, or anything of that sort.

After the login/signup page is complete, I’ll be testing the in-game transfer of RDD to other players. ~EDIT: Also testing for in-game purchases!~ Once that’s good, I’ll have to create many game objects and get them to smash each other. Then, FUN!

Cheers to Reddcoin, the Devs, and you wonderful users!

Update 1: After a few hours of coding, research, and talking to iisurge , I have just about finished the login/registration page! WOOT! There’s a lot of crap behind the scenes that I never really knew about until I stated this project. Holy hash functions Batman! I just need to add some pretty reddcoin graphics to the reg and login pages and learn how to use the database to create a mailing list for those that want to be kept up to speed. After that, I’ll release the website. Just need to come up with a domain name and set it up…

bmp02050 Wow so cool!! Amazing that you’ll be able to use real RDD in the game :smiley: Good luck and I want to test it when beta comes :slight_smile:

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m3ndi3 I’ll be sure to put you on the list! I found free 3d models online for the different things I’ll need. The scripting to add attributes will be super easy, so I’ve just saved about 6 months of designing and creating 3d models!


Awesome, thanks for update!

Great to have some news on your project. Keep up the good work!

reddibrek It’s been a crazy couple of weeks recently…Too many different things going on, not enough time to sit down and work on anything. Today has been extremely productive though. Hoping I can continue at this pace now that the majority of programs and development tools I needed are functional and ready to go!


bmp02050 Don’t worry about it, I know exactly how you feel!

At work we are currently going through the final, critical phase in an ecom website project… and I’m trying to maintain all kinds of other non-ecom-related day-job responsibilities that carry on as normal. It’s hard going but the team can see the light at the end of the tunnel now - a couple more months and we’re there. Or at least that’s the deadline. :smiley:

Sometimes it’s hard working on solo projects in spare time, particularly when no-one really understands the effort you are putting in. But hang in there - the result of your hard work will definately pay off. It’s also good to remember that others in the community are beavering away on their own projects. We’re building something great together.

reddibrek Thanks for the inspiration! It is definitely really hard to put in time on this project, mostly because I work about 45 minutes from home (Vermont is very rural and jobs are located in the “densely populated” regions) so I waste almost 2 hours a day just in travel. The wife takes up a good portion of time (which is nice) but when she’s off visiting a friend or grocery shopping, my first thought is “Game! Must work on game!” Then I play Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls for a while, then turn on TV and get to work on it. Damn you D3 RoS!!!

Awesome! Any idea whether it will be a browser game or not?

huffinmcpuffin Most definitely starting as a browser game. If it becomes popular enough, I can incorporate it as a standalone that will require internet access because it’s going to be one of those games where you want to play with other people. It’s success will help drive my next project. Free to play, purchasable items, anyone can get in and have a good time. I am already planning to create expansions on it, LOL! And I have a few more ideas, but I have $0 funding for them. Hoping CodeRedd Terrestrial Conflict will raise the $1500 required for Unity3d Pro. Then on to CodeRedd: Some Game Name Here!



Is it ReddCode or CodeRedd? you’ve said both (;

iisurge CodeRedd…I get excited about Coding and Reddcoin and sometimes mix up ReddCode and CodeRedd, but it should be CodeRedd…

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bmp02050 Yes definitely agree CodeRedd should be the name! CodeRedd(dotcom) is taken already … but you can do CodeReddGame(dotcom)! It’s avails!

I used to play D3 :stuck_out_tongue: Now I play League of Legends to distract me from my projects heheh

m3ndi3 I played LoL for a while, but my laptop kept overheating. Now I could play it again on my new computer, but having just finished the register/login page that creates all sorts of data for my database, I’m too elated to play games. I want to keep programming but it’s almost bed time for me. And I’ll be setting up in a minute or two…

Great initiative! thanks bmp02050 !

Let’s play the game!

Oliver Once I have the internet set back up (I broke it this morning and because we’re house sitting, I needed to have the owners call the internet company and get the username and password to sign back in) I’ll get connected to my server and start taking names. Oh, and now I need to create a contest for a company logo!