's first game

The first game is going to be launched this Friday at 11:59:59 PM (midnight on Saturday Eastern (New York)). The first 100 users will get 1000RDD. Go visit the website and register now! Thanks Convertor, reddibrek, and ReddcoinRocks for the ideas. Be prepared for some awesome fun!

EDIT: The first 6 people have their 1000RDD.
EDIT2: I just want to let people know that this is a proof of concept game to verify that it can work large scale. If there is a real interest, I’ll develop original content.

bmp02050 said:

The first game is going to be launched this Friday at 11:59:59 PM (midnight on Saturday).

Maybe include which timezone? :slight_smile:

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I have problem with loading of application. After logging, when window with game should be opened I have communique:

Failed to data file
Error details (After click: Download failed, please retry)

Is it normal before starting game? I’m waiting for Friday :wink:

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Nero90 The game is not yet live. It will be tweaked (i’m adding a few fun extras but it’s fully functional on my home computer right now) before being released to the world. Also, for some reason Google Chrome hates Unity, so you’ll want to use FireFox. I wouldn’t recommend Internet Explorer because, it’s I.E.


awesome! patiently waiting for it! :smiley:
edit: downloading Firefox :slight_smile:


5 months ago when i first suggested this to you i had no idea this would actually come into fruition!

Awesome work BMP!!!

Edit: Another idea to help saturate this site with games. Let people make there own games and then let them, have 10% of its revenue!


Naro said:

Another idea to help saturate this site with games. Let people make there own games and then let them, have 10% of its revenue!

That a very good idea, would maybe offer a bit more than 10%.

bmp02050, I can help you with the PHP part if you need.


i just registered thanks

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I’m taking ideas for games as well…if you have an idea for a fun game, but haven’t got the skill to build it, let me know! I’d be happy to put something together if it piques my (or other community members’) interest.


Naro Your suggestions, along with other supporters and benefactors has made the first version of a CLASSIC arcade game possible. The ease of making the game’s graphics was actually quite simple, but the programming behind it was SO MUCH effort. I’ve wanted to build something now for about a year, but haven’t had the ambition or time to actually accomplish it. However, a certain community member said I should start small and work my way up. Being just 1 person making a game from (mostly) scratch is hard. If I had a small team and a few thousand dollars in fiat to buy the Pro version of the software I’m using there would be several games out already, plus some original content that would be a lot of fun to play.

EDIT: Also, with Convertor 's help, this would never have been possible. He’s got something in the works that will help with the expansion and ease of use of reddcoin all over the world.


Hat’s off to you bmp02050 for pushing through with this. Great to see help coming from the community including coding from Convertor .

I can’t wait to play this game!


bmp02050 can’t wait to see it!

This is an awesome idea. I just signed up.

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Okay folks, I hope you all think it’s worth the wait. With less than 3 hours to go, I’m at 99.99% ready for launch. I’d like to add sound, but that’s proving slightly more difficult than I predicted. Unfortunately, Convertor is asleep for the remainder of (my timezone’s) today (he’s 5 hours ahead of me) and I wanted to make the payment processor quicker. I will be making a slight modification in the coming days: The payment window will stay open for 30 seconds. It will (rather it should) copy the reddcoin payment address to your clipboard for easy payment. If you try pasting the shown address to your wallet and nothing happens, just refresh the game. If you make the payment within the 10 minute window (a whopping 100RDD) and the payment is verified, you’re entered into the weekly “High Score Takes The Pot” contest, whereby your username (the one you’ve registered), your reddcoin address, and your high score are entered. Whoever has the highest score and started playing a game (this means requesting a payment address and having a valid transaction) before Midnight every Friday get’s the kitty…

EDIT: I might be able to cram in the “quick launch” feature before the end of the night. I am also going to eventually add in “Buy 1 Credit (100RDD 3 Lives)”, “Buy 3 Credits (300 RDD 9 Lives)” Buy 10 Credits (900 RDD, 30 Lives)" buttons in the near future as well as awesome little extra cool stuff…

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