This morning on the Opal forum on bct I found info about GAW taking over

Maybe it’s time to get delisted at coin-swap. Doge and LTC, besides Opal, asked for delisting.

Below is a copy/paste from the OPAL-team.

"This morning it came to our attention that had been purchased by GAWMiners, which disturbed me a bit to say the very least. Coin-Swap’s past owner, Ian, was and is still a great friend of the Opal Team, and we congratulate him that he was able to profit from his exchange, as he deserves it. However, over the past few days it has come to our attention that Paycoin may not be everything it was claimed to be. There are multiple reasons people have called Paycoin a scam, and while it is unclear at this point, there are too many red flags for the Opal Team to trust GAW with our communities Opal, no matter how large or small. These red flags include:

  • A promise to the community to purchase Paycoin’s at $20/coin (, which is four times the current price of Paycoin. GAW has tried to hide this promise (, and has shown they cannot be trusted.

  • In an audit by Opal’s lead dev, Whit Jack, he discovered that special addresses stake at a rate up to 350%, which was never publicly disclosed, again proving they are not trustworthy. This has been verified by other users.

These reasons, plus a few more have caused us to request Coin-Swap delist Opal, as both a protection for our community, and as a stand against GAW and other companies that prey on cryptocurrency users.

~The Opal Team".

edit; further did I read on BCT that DOGE and LTC also asked for delisting.

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