Coins are missing from my wallet

I am missing 3,365 coins from Litebit. I used shapeshift to change Ethereum into Reddcoin on Dec 24th using a destination address. A little over 20,678 transferred successfully. The transaction and addresses are all visible on the reddcoin blockchain but 3,365 coins never transferred to It shows up as ‘Spent’ on the block chain and the address for the missing coins (3,365) is: RYkPuaPGep2JbVyVVC282F8RrpWjpD9R1N

The address for all the coins in the transaction (24,043):

Please help!

i think you need to pay some transaction fee something like that in shapeshift. but i’m not really sure. maybe the whole gas thing is the culprit?

Transaction fee of $49 USD is excessive. Usually it is a fraction of the coin.