::Community Leadership:: State your credentials to hold key for Community bounty multi-sig (3 of 5?)

I started this thread to discuss actions that we will implement as a community. I hear many ideas abound but think we should avoid the knee jerk. I agree that bounties can be an effective way to get work done but we need to make sure they also compensate the ongoing actions that tralf, raid5, lionzeye, and Gnasher among others I missed are doing. I’ll pick up where we left off and address the gaps where Laudney is missing. Lastly I encourage Reddcoin to be more active in this thread.

First lets look at what I assume was the next feature to be released:

~PoSV: 2.0~: As far as I’m concerned this is the least significant project that needs to be completed. I don’t know what happened to the “elegant solution” Laudney had once touted but I see this as a back burner issue to the overall agenda of Reddcoin’s vision.

~Redd-ID~: This will be the bread and butter of Reddcoin’s future and no doubt the most attractive project for a hungry developer.

~QT HD wallet~: It would be feasible to hire someone for this purpose via bounty/community funds.

As far as bounty collections we should elect 5 members to open a 3 of 5 multi-signature vault with maximum transparency. Then begin a drive to push for donations. Dig deep and we can find adequate talent looking to make something out of nothing.

State your case why you can be trusted as one of (5) Reddcoin bounty escrow key holder - Step up to the plate with a minimal contribution and help make this thing work. I officially throw my name into the hat as one for consideration.

Great initiative, and with this, also consider reaching out to previous developers who may be interested and wish to contribute.

iisurge bmp02050 BrownSlaughter and ReddcoinRocks are some others who come to mind who have done independent work and i know there are many, many others. As an open-source project equal consideration should be given to anyone who contributes

The thing to consider if you are a developer and trying to decide if you want to get involved is.
Everything you do or learn here applies equally to every other facet of the crypto space.
Whether at the core level, or it might be an API, or you feel you have the next kicker idea the things you learn make you grow


I would like to nominate my name


I’d also like to be considered.

I have been around a long while now and check the site every few hours everyday.

I already run a lottery syndicate which I am trusted by 7 people I know only via the Internet and have access to a considerable amount of their money as we save the winnings each week for up to a year! Of which all of these people would offer a reference.

The reason is like to apply… I have no Dev skills. So I cannot offer the ability to build things for the community but I would like to be a bigger part of the community with responsibility. I have a very good career in the oil and gas industry offering supervisory and project management to a team of over 30 engineers alone and as part of a team who oversee over 150 people so responsibility is something I am very used to.


I’d be willing to participate but I’m not sure how we’ll raise enough money for the bounties. That being said, I would put in 5 million RDD of my own if we get this off the ground.

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GrayPhoenix I will match the 5 mil

If we want to be serious about this, as nice as it is, 5 million is less than $100. We need some of the funds left from the initial funding if there is any. If we had 1 billion coins, we may be in the running to achieve something.

GrayPhoenix 39 million pledged as of now from me Fish or cut bait.

FaithInReddcoin I agree with most of what you say above regarding the importance of each feature, although I wonder if it might be best to focus on the browser wallet and leave the QT wallet out of the picture for now. It seems like we could get a working version of Social X in place with the following:

-Browser Wallet (Chrome version already in open beta - thanks tralf!)
-Redd-ID (development started?)
-Universal Micropayment Platform (partially completed by tralf?)
-Support for Redd-ID in the Electrum protocol

Last we heard, mobile electrum wallets were also being worked on by lionzeye and raid5.

We could probably calculate bounties based on the difficulties listed in this topic.

PoSV 2.0 would be a big improvement but if we don’t have laudney’s help then I think we need to focus on a bare-bones working product with the main purpose of allowing people to tip anyone on the internet quickly and easily. I imagine that tying it all together would be a challenge in-and-of-itself and I’m not sure how much coordination is needed between the different parts of the puzzle.

It would be great if laudney agreed to stay and supervise or even work on the project in a limited capacity, but I know we can’t count on anything like that. I wonder if tralf would consider applying for the lead dev position. He’s worked on multiple features and would probably be the most knowledgeable remaining dev when it comes to Social X.

Any thoughts from developers?