Community Multisig voting results are in

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that the poll for Community Multisig address has closed and the following are the results
Poll is here:

  1. GrayPhoenix (13)
  2. FaithInReddcoin (7)
  3. Redshift (5)
  4. Dan (2)
  5. AkshatBahety (2)(nomination pulled out)
  6. Redd (1)
  7. tecopos (0)

Thankyou to everyone who contributed.
I would like to note that AkshatBahety had to pull out due to not having a wallet where they could create a multisig address.

So what about the 2-dev input? Is the idea to go ahead with this also (2 devs; 3 community members)?

Question thrown out there for everyone

SOON AS we need to validate results open the wallet for pledges collect funds
raise more, approve development, agree on bounty, etc etc etc… this can considered as interm. In the case of expediency being req. a 3-2 or even a 3-3 split could be considered as a multi sig set up…wait for the rest to chime in

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What’s going on? Where is the active community of Reddcoin? This silence makes me astonishing…
We have developed brand likes Reddcoin. What are we waiting for? or everyone has given up their hands…

Arti Hi Arti, everyone is trying to fit Reddcoin into their regular schedule of work/family/life balance. Its an organizational feat to orchestrate all of the things we need to do. It takes time to get things done, Please allow the people working and there are many the time they need to get things right, I am as impatient as anyone to see us moving forward
Time and talent are being brought to bear on the many issues that Reddcoin faces so hard as it is to hear…please be patient.

Thanks Gnasher and everyone who voted - I’m honored to be one of the people that the community has placed their collective trust in. What do we do next?

GrayPhoenix Referring back to reddibrek comment. I would like the community to determine if they want some of the devs also holding some of the sigs. The original concept was 3 community and 2 devs.
However, given this is a community drive, it would be good if this was 100% owned by the community members.
Redshift also suggested a 2-3 or 3-3 wallet for expediency

To help facilitate, i would call upon tecopos and his experience to help on the technical side of setting up and monitoring the address

I think a 4-1 Ratio would be better as at least one of Dev to have a multisig wallet.
What do you guys think?

I reckon the original idea of 3 community members / 2 devs is good, personally.

But these are nuances in any case - the important thing is to have multiple trusted people from the overall group that continues to communicate today.

I am not sure what this means in terms of functionality besides being available to approve a transaction with a signature or key, TIMEZONES are going to need to be taken into account and AUTHENTICATION so whom ever you choose to be a key holder is going to need to understand and use a PGP type keyring for messages etc.