Communitycube: Let’s Build a Fair Internet.

Hello people,

I was browsing Kickstarter to find some interesting projects, maybe some to support.

I saw this one, Communitycube which I found very interesting

My though was to maybe get talking with the creators of this thing to maybe use Reddcoins, since they are building an social network with it too.

Convertor I say go for it. Nothing ventured nothing gained.


There is no Fairness unless something having been released, especially hardware.

Currently If you use Sam*****'s, then it would been under Sam******'s control as hardware is a currently very serious since some people have been abusing the advantages of the infrastrcture, which some of blowhisters said.

Currently, only few countries, Germany, Russia, Japan, the GB, the States and the PRC have own basic solutions for their governments while the other countries relies on open hardwares such as openSPARC, an approved schematic from the GB (ARM), the join one of the most infamous US groups like the pentaeye or receive a formal permission from the bald eagle.