Conflicted transaction

I’m trying to import an old (about 3 years) wallet into the latest Reddcoin Core client, I installed the app, deleted the default empty wallet.dat and replaced it with the one from my backup. When I start the client the transaction from the wallet shows up in the Transactions list, but it is marked as ‘conflicted’, and there is no trace of the transaction or the address when I search on Any idea what is going on here? I have quite a large amount of coins in there and it would be terrible to lose them.
many thanks

If a transaction hasn’t been broadcast to the network yet, the funds still belong to the key pair you own, so no worries there. The simplest solution is using the ‘dumpprivkey’ command to export any private keys that hold funds (enabling “Coin Control” is helpful) and to import them into a new wallet.dat by using the 'importprivkey" command. For advanced users, there’s for more options.

Thanks very much for your reply, I tried what you suggested without any luck. I successfully dumped the private key for my address, closed the client, deleted the wallet.dat file, opened the client again (which generated a new wallet.dat file) and imported the private key. The import process took a few minutes but appeared to succeed (no errors anywhere). I restarted the client but everythng was the same - balance showing as 0 and the transaction still displayed as conflicted. Details of the transaction shown below in case it helps:

Status: conflicted
Date: 02/07/2014 19:03
From: unknown
To: RdywPt76CtHhqkCb6FJt6mtUgwmVzhwiuq (own address)
Credit: 998 007.7553616 RDD
Net amount: +998 007.7553616 RDD
Transaction ID: 55b5188097d6fa42bd4f7a15d5a7cbf9c5ad77f57f88159fe11159d2de041db2-000

Is there anything else you can suggest? I am happy running Python code if you can tell me what options to use with your fixwallet utility.
many thanks

rjd72 been a while since I last tested it but you should only need the --datadir and --notxes parameters. Be sure to work with backups of your wallet.dat. If you’re stuck, contact me through DM and I can do the recovery for you.

Thanks for your help on this, I’ve been talking to a couple of guys on Reddit as well and it looks like the coins are gone - hopefully this thread might be useful to someone in the future.