Confusion around weight age/ coin age

Hi, is there someone who can better explain the RDD stake simulation. There is a point where it says more coins in the wallet, the better the staking, but then says the longer you hold them the less profits you make. But then says that its best to hold your wallet open and active. So what is the best efficient way to stake, i plan on getting 10,000,000RDD But the staking simulation shows i profit more into staking % if i had 1,000,000
Also when the simulation says i stake every 11hours with current reddcoins, but then shows that it will take every 5 days to stake/ mint.

Are you using ?

I will try and keep it simple, but please ask more questions where you would like me to elaborate
Some of the following information should help you understand the calculation.

Some general POS statements

  • Firstly, it is best to always have your wallet opening and staking.
    This obviously allows you to participate on the network.

  • To increase your chances of staking, holding more coins gives a higher probability of generating a block that will be accepted by the network.
    Think of this like tickets in a lottery.
    Every minute a lottery ticket is chosen (block created).
    The more tickets you hold, the better your chance of winning (block accepted).
    If you win, you are rewarded the prize (staking amount).

The above statements are the easy part and easy to understand.
With PoSV, the formula for rewarding is more complicated, and it was designed to encourage the movement of coins.

One of the biggest criticisms of POS was that you could own a bunch of coins, and sit on them and forever to be rewarded.
The problem with this is, it doesnt create an environment for the participation (using) of coins

More PoSV related statements

  • Coin Age
    This is the age of your coin in your wallet.
    The age can be reset each time you use coins
  • Coin weight
    The weight is a value that is calculated based on the age of your coins such that new coins gain weight quickly, and old coins gain weight more slowly
  • Total weight
    The total weight of all coins in ~your~ wallet
  • Network weight
    The total weight of all coins on the network (you can see this on your wallet UI)

For each block that is created, you chances for staking are calculated based on

"total weight"/"network weight"

Using the calculator

The calculator wont give you exact returns, as it is a simulation. But if gives a good indication.
To be able to use the calculator you need the following information

  • Total coins to stake
  • Current (or expected network weight)

In your case
Coins to stake = 10000000
Network weight = 2981905521

When I run the simulation I get the following result (If you do it, it will be slightly different as staking is random)
Days Elapsed: 365 Days
Current RDD: 10333081 RDD
Total Times Staked: 403 time(s)
Average Age at Stake: 0.90 Days
RDD Gained: 333081 RDD
Effective Interest: 3.33%

Finer details

The optimal interest rate occurs when your coin age is approx 8 days
If you look at your result from above, you can see the Average Age at stake is only 0.9 days.
And the interest rate is only 3.33%

If you run the same simulation but with 1000000
Days Elapsed: 365 Days
Current RDD: 1046774 RDD
Total Times Staked: 179 time(s)
Average Age at Stake: 2.03 Days
RDD Gained: 46774 RDD
Effective Interest: 4.68%

Average Age at Stake is now 2.03 days and yields an effective interest rate of 4.68%

Why is this happening?

Effectively, it is the coin age that is having this effect (too low (<8days)), along with the network age at the time of staking.

Ok awsome, that’s a bit more simple for me. Key points are the best for simplicity. I shall tip you when I get home. If I understand if I tip or use coins its best for the weight ?

As a reminder :

DeadPool i have seen rthis but it stilll a complex thi ng to learn, it shall take time to properly understand this.