[Contest ENDED] CodeReddGames Logo

Hey there ReddHeads! So, I need to have a graphic artist create me a logo! Needs to incorporate the reddcoin logo, something to do with computer/console gaming, and needs to be eye catching. It will be the front facing logo for CodeRedd Gaming! Here’s the deets:

All entrants will be invited to beta testing of the first CodeRedd Gaming game, currently in development. It will be a few months before gameplay stage though so please be patient.

All entrants will have access to specialty items, some merely aesthetic, and some that provide game bonuses.

Winner will get 250,000 RDD at this point in time, as funding for this project is currently limited. If you have a website that you want advertised, I would be happy to put a “Sponsored By:” line both in game and on the website.

2nd and 3rd place winners (as chosen by the community) will each receive 25,000 RDD.

Upvote for your favorites as this will be taken into consideration.

Contest ends February 28th, winners announced March 1st!

bmp02050 Awesome! I will work on one when I get home to my desktop in 2 days!

iisurge Excellent! I look forward to all designs! Spread the word, spread the wealth!

bmp02050 Could you post more about the style and idea of the game? You may have posted it in another thread but I wasn’t very active the last days and can’t find the information. It is crucial to create the right logo style to match the style and context of the game.

//EDIT: here is a quick one:





ReddcoinRocks Is that Pac-Man?

I have no chance against you in photoshop (;

iisurge yeah, the great Pac-Man in a Redd Suit :slight_smile:

ReddcoinRocks I looove the pacman one! Awesome job!



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ReddcoinRocks So far, those are awesome designs! I personally love all three of them. artiscience’s is a neat idea too. In reality, the logo will be the main logo for all things that come out of CodeRedd Games. The first game is a ground (land) based RTS. I’ve got ideas and basic concepts for a couple of other games as well, but I want to get a game out there for people to play that will also start to generate income for me to buy Unity3d Pro ($1500), a better computer, and a real server. Then I want to start pumping out the games.

The in-game purchasing system is going to be key in every CodeRedd Gaming software, which I will eventually be willing to share on github. I just want to get something out there and show a smooth, proof of concept, fun game is capable of being made.

If you could go ahead and combine the text from the Pacman logo with the 4 dots logo, that might be something I’d be very interested in. So far, everything looks great!

Thanks for the submissions!


bmp02050 Like this?
Code Redd

“Code Redd” makes me think of a glowing red button… so here is another one - The Redd Button:
Redd Button

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ReddcoinRocks The button idea is very neat! I could use something like that to animate a the button being clicked to bring someone to a login page for a particular game. The index.html screen is going to have the main logo, (my eye is on the 4 dots CodeRedd above), a blurb about the games and CodeRedd Games, and a button to go to that particular game’s login screen…

Well, it’s the beginning of a new month. The pacman logo got quite a few positive replies, and even friends of mine liked it…I think I’m going to use all three designs (Pacman, 4 dots, and the button)

ReddcoinRocks do you have a specific address you want your coins?

Also, could you send me the highest definition versions of those files you have?

how is development going?

Also did you google the name before you settled on it?

I just did a quick google to see if I could find your homepage and came across a few other code-redd organisations and sites such as http://www.code-redd.com/ , http://www.coderedd.org/ , http://codereddnet.blogspot.co.uk/

I am just wondering if the name was a wise choice.

BrownSlaughter Development has been slow due to the worlds crappiest internet connection and a lack of free time (I’ve been putting in 50 hours a week at my actual job). The ideas are there, it’s just a matter of coding it all out. The graphics are going to be rather annoying because there will be many details that I"ll probably flesh out later. My heart is in it, but the universe is making it difficult. Also, I’m going to have my own server at home but we have a DSL connection with 100k down/ 30k up speeds which are completely useless for testing purposes, which is why codereddgames.com isn’t on the interwebs.


I hope you don’t lose hope, just put time in when you can. Is there no free host you could use for now for a homepage?

bmp02050 I have sent you a download link via chat. All logos are in a vector format an can be converted to any pixel resolution. Let me know if the download worked.

Well, it’s up! http://codereddgames.com/ is now online. However, because I’m not using my own server, and I’m using a free web hosting site, it makes it difficult to implement some of the features at this point. So, I will begin by getting a beta version available as soon as humanly possible. With just one person working on this (me), and a couple of hours of free time a week it might take a little longer than I hoped for, but that’s what you get being a one person game design studio…