Core wallet splash

I’d like to suggest a new possibility for the core wallet splash. I am seeing it on OS X, at least. It’s the same concept, but polished for better legibility.

alt text

I like it!

Very good. This should be achievable relatively easily. And agree the lay-out is more presentable
(Shows that we shouldn’t always follow the leaders)

Gnasher Let me know what kind of deliverable you want (PNG, PSD, etc.) I’ll remove the “Loading Block Index…” and I assume you can use it as is.

Big_Map_Idea Actually, it is just a matter of moving the text areas around.

These values are rendered from metadata within code.

Big_Map_Idea The only static part (graphic) is the background and logo/name
The rest is created during compile.

So is just a matter of updating the layout.
Manually via code seems, looking at the code this morning

I see. Here’s the image without the text. New dimensions: 478 x 455

The lighting has been updated to help the text pop so you’ll want to replace the previous version.

Fonts are Google’s:

Titillium Web Bold, 17pt for “Reddcoin Core version…”
Titillium Web Semibold, 11pt for Copyrights

alt text


I can give you the original dimensions (480x440).
Do you need to make more room under the logo?

Reddcoin Splash

Big_Map_Idea I got pretty close with your suggestions today.

Need to look at the font selection…one of the considerations is the support of international languages.
Currently rendering in good ol’ ARIAL (the font of choice of BTC)

If you could make a background of the same dimensions provided above, i will plug it into the code and see how it all churns out

Here you go, 480x440.

The Copyright text uses a slight gray color. I’m using #bbbdbe
but something around there is fine.

alt text

The Google font Titillium Web may provide support for international languages, considering that it is a widely popular web font.

Just looking back on branding stuff. provides the preferred font
Could you also take a look how this might display

Thanks, I do have the Reddcoin font and experimented with it at first. I don’t think it works as well for general type.

From a design/UI standpoint, there is no need for the text bodies to use the same font as a company logo. In fact, it’s quite rare. Usually logo fonts are more eccentric and not as useful for content.

But if you want to see what it would look like I’ll draft it up.

Big_Map_Idea is ok…
Was playing around this morning with it…
Not as good as expected…

Is quite a wide font also… would need to scale it a lot to get it to fit on one line

For the moment, i have kept it in the 'default of Arial as it is a best fit

I found Titillium quite wide compared to arial, but i can have a play later…

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Looks good. I don’t think the font choice is as important in this case. Arial is fine here.

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Big_Map_Idea +1

I was thinking it is good also…
If you like it, i will tidy up my code a bit and push in a commit.

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Gnasher I think it serves the purpose just fine. Go for it!

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