Could somebody clear this up for me...


I got into a small conversation with a reddit user today regarding Reddcoin. I asked if he had used the reddcoin browser beta wallet yet, this is the response…

Have you tried the browser wallet beta yet?

For reddcoin I presume? No, I haven’t really looked at anything with it.

Looked it up now, and, ah, ew, not a fan of Google apps personally. Linking with Google is the opposite of anonymity. Not that bitcoin and coins generally are good at privacy but still. My email is with Google and they own my life but I don’t really want to bank on their cloud…

I’ll probably try it out though for the article. Personally, I like my wallets nice and old fashioned and just in my browser without all these newfangled ‘apps’. ;-p

I would like to respond to this, however im not educated enough on reddcoin to explain it correctly. But if I am not mistaken, this wallet is not linked with google, and is totally anonymous?

This doesn’t make much sense. No information is going to Google or even Reddcoin devs including your email address. It’s pretty much like a normal wallet, but 10x better for mass adoption and in the browser. The only information available in on the blockchain and it’s the same for all crypto.


So google have no view of what goes on via the “app”?

Dan Exact.

Thanks Reddcoin

Slightly amazes me, that somebody who is posting big reviews of various crypto’s is completely unaware of the things reddcoin are doing…

Why does it always appear nobody is aware of the great things the team is creating?

Dan said:

Thanks Reddcoin

Slightly amazes me, that somebody who is posting big reviews of various crypto’s is completely unaware of the things reddcoin are doing…

Why does it always appear nobody is aware of the great things the team is creating?

Lots of fud when the project starred, the devs don’t rrun around generating hype (they let results speak for themselves)

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Dan There is a lot of miss conception in crypto and only time will fix this as we develop better technologies to reach mass adoption. The idea of “browser extension are bad” is wrong. We believe non crypto users are much more likely to install Reddcoin browser wallet than any other wallet out there including Qt wallet. If you think about it, it all make sense. More users are currently using a browser extension than a crypto wallet. It’s 100 times easier to install and use Reddcoin browser wallet that other crypto wallet. Our goal is to reach mass adoption and we believe it’s the way to go.

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Reddcoin You forget another good point that every time you open your browser you will see the reddcoin logo that is a “presence” worth more than you imagine. Without talking about the personalization and cross mobility between devices!

How many coins have that?


Reddcoin You do not need to convince me about the way things are being approached, I 100% believe in the way it is going.

I am just not very knowledgeable on the whole crypto workings, so cannot explain things to other correctly.

Ive said all along, the only way crypto will work is if my mum could understand how to have it, and the way redd is heading, is a way which she will be able to.

Reddcoin The thing is even though no information is being shared with google, many people will assume it is since it is being run through google aps. And a lot of people who want to stay private wont like the idea that it could be, even if is not. There are many apps out there that say they dont share information with others yet do so it leaves a bad taste in many peoples mouths.

You say more would be willing to use the extension over the wallet, but I have to disagree for the wallet is separate from the browser and thus provides no possible information leakage like browser extensions can have. Which means people will see it as more secure and safe than any extension will ever be seen as.

Not everyone likes having their browser filled with tons of extensions running in the background all the time and taking up memory and cpu cycles and bandwidth with them doing tasks in the background. I for one keep to a very minimum of how many extension I ever allow to run or have installed in any browser ever. I prefer apps to run only when I want them run, not automatically or as background tasks. Which is why I do not like Windblows 8 at all and its live tiles. I dont need it to do things for me automatically I am not lazy enough where I need that level of automation to make my life so called easier.

And the way how chrome always opens up new processes for every extension makes it annoying to many people as well. another reason many will not ever use it and just prefer the qt wallet where it only runs when they want it to be running.

Not saying the idea is a bad one, just may not ever really be adopted by the masses as some hope for since it can be felt as intrusive in how it works to some at least to the older generation of computer users that is more used to things only running when started from a link and not as automatic tasks.

And yes I even disable 95% of windows tasks as well, for most are not really needed to be running like windows like to make it seem they are.

Drakona You can still use the Qt wallet. Browser wallet is obviously not for you.

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Drakona The borwser wallet is for non geek personall and is the most simple design. Passphrase = funds just that no install nothing!

New pc? Need to do transac? Browser wallet! passphrase=funds! Now, no sync involved!

Just that easy! I have a qt wallet and a Beta browser wallet. They are aiming for different audiences. Majority of people will not even consider a easy and cross device plugin over a installation program…


And there is no problem to use both.
I have my ‘savings’ in the full QT wallet, and only transfer a smaller use amount to the chrome extension wallet.

Oliver But you see the non geek person wont really get in to crypto’s that much either. For it is a geeky thing to begin with and those who are not geek wont care about it.

The non geek person is more accustomed to the install new program, run program from link in start menu way of dong things. For that is what windows emphasizes over everything else.

Again the issue will come up with it always running in the background for some people. Even non geeks learn to watch that over time so as not to tie up their computers memory or use bandwidth as much especially if on a capped internet service plan.

Reddcoin More then likely you are correct but see there are still lots of people out there like me. Only the younger generations that are willing to jump first without looking or thinking will adopt the browser wallet easily or quickly.

What I said was not meant as an insult to what you are trying to do, just giving feedback from one perspective of how some people may see it. And as more who use computers become more geekified over time they too may find it more intrusive then helpful is all I was saying. At which point they would have to switch over to the standard wallet and then will find it lacking in options and become frustrated about it as well.

Now if it was more like a chrome app that had to start and was not active from the word go the moment the browser was open it may annoy some people less. Auto start/run apps often get ended up listing as pup’s to lots of antivirus software compaines over time becuase of the nature of what it does with out much interaction from the user or indication of what it is doing easily seen by the user unless they click some icon to open it.

Again just my personal view on things. I have been around computers for nearly 30 years, never did like them running things behind by back without me knowing it unless I first started it for a specific reason. I even check task manager after the computer restarts to see what is running or not and if is needed or not and then stop it if not needed for what I want to do with the computer at that time.

Drakona Don’t worry, I don’t see this as an insult. I’m glad you are asking questions.

I also dislike browser extension before but things are changing. I don’t have some numbers with me but i’m sure browser extension usage is climbing fast.

Check this software, Password box.

It was downloaded over 14 millions time and it’s used to save all your password and credit card info. I’m sure you agree with me that it need to be ultra secure and it is, even if it’s a browser extension. People are trusting the software. Reddcoin browser wallet will use the same principle. This example show us that browser extension is a valid option at reaching mass adoption.

We are not looking at mass adoption inside the crypto community. For us, mass adoption is your parents and friends who have no idea what cryptocurrencies are. They don’t have to deal with the Qt wallet and downloading the whole blockchain with Reddcoin.

Like I said, it might not be for you but I believe you are a minority. Of course, Qt wallet will always be available.


Reddcoin You have made your point with that one. I guess I am just old fashioned when it comes to how things work on my computer. I tend to take more of the direct control approach and dislike all the automation that is being fostered upon people nowadays.

Then again I have many extensions in the past cause too many browser freezes causing everything to be lost when having to reopen the browser after killing the process with task manager.

I still feel that it will be more the younger generation that adopts it the most leaving out the older generations who are should we say more fickle in our ways about what is trusted or used.

Drakona : I agree with everything you said here, but have come to the same conclusion: you and I are old fashioned. I came to this realization after seeing and talking about all of the background tasks running on my co-workers computers. They have no hesitation in exchanging CPU “drag” for convenience. So, I think the devs got this one right.
p.s. I’ll still break out a phone book on occasion, rather than wait for or sift through google results on my phone. For me it’s quicker and easier, and for others it’s just an extra step that “wastes effort.”

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how hard would it be to convert the extension to an actual website?

I was thinking for those that didn’t want to use the extension or away from there own computer they could log into a website and use that as a wallet.

Just to clarify, as I appear to have upset people on reddit / become a disrespectful member…

My comment:

“Slightly amazes me, that somebody who is posting big reviews of various crypto’s is completely unaware of the things reddcoin are doing…”

Was not meant as an insult to anybody. More the fact that what I see reddcoin doing, is amazing, and the fact that people who are clearly well into crypto are unaware of what we actually have, due to the fact its not yet been very promoted maybe? It was never meant as an insult.

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