Could somebody clear this up for me...

Dan Reddit was history a very important pass to awareness but discussion there has become impossible since some people has problems accepting each others works. Reddcoin during inception times had fight to not alarm people since it is a solid project, some investors like it and stayed others wanted the project to be done in 5 minutes.

A good few members had stayed since then, it is not a dead project but leaves a bad taste in the mouth of some investors that wanted to make huge profits out of nothing. Just fuzz giving a very bad reputation to the project because this things take time to develop.

If we all knew what programming envolves and what a serious Brand needs to represent then everybody could have started to bring close friends… But few people on reddit are interested in utility, majority is speculation.

Reddit: excelent source of information, bad for place for discussion and consensus!


Oliver Yeh, I find reddit only good for the occasional humor that can be found there at times. Not to be taken that serious about anything said, since none of it is really validated by anyone for the most part.

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