Creating stories is also important. :)

Folks do you have any funny stories involving digital currency in you daily life?

This topic is important to “create” some human association.

I had remember this while reading this example stories:

Me and my roommate recently went on a betting spree with rdd on Super smash Bros, started with 2kbets and a couple double or nothings later 40k was lost haha.

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Naro Have you tried to ask people in exchange for one Reddcoin?

No, not sure what you mean by that?

Naro Not making bets about Reddcoins but Like asking questions for Reddcoins… If they answer anything they could get some litle redds.

Ohhh i see what your talking about. I could but that wouldn’t really be fun, he already owns RDD. Maybe a RDD Smash league could be a good thing to start up :slight_smile:

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Naro Lets get some video footage of the smash sessions brought to their viewing pleasure by Reddcoin on youtube! I would be more than happy to supply a few. :smiley: