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:white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: Giveaway Contest :white_check_mark: is starting it’s first giveaway on Bitcointalk. This thread will be managed by me on behalf of CryptoBust.


  1. The first person to bet 0.003BTC (3,000 bits) and have it bust at 0x wins 0.009BTC. (0.990099% chance)
  2. The first person to bet 0.002BTC (2,000 bits) and have a perfect cashout at 1.1x (i.e. the game also busts at 1.1x) 0.01BTC. (0.817513% chance)
  3. The first person to get the profit of half of the max profit (currently 0.3BTC) wins 0.01BTC. (15.683168%)
  4. The first person to bet 0.001BTC (1,000 bits) in a 10x game, wins 0.005BTC. (9.811792% chance)
  5. The first person to bet 0.0001BTC (100 bits) and cashout at or after 50x, wins 0.007BTC. (1.960788% chance) (5 winners)
  6. The first person to bet 0.003BTC (3,000 bits) in a 10x game, wins 0.005BTC. (9.811792% chance)
  7. The first person to lose 0.1BTC and then recovers it, wins 0.03BTC!
  8. The first person to lose 8 times in a row (starting with min. 20 bits, doubling each time, or more) and recovers it wins 0.02BTC.

How to join
Post your:
CryptoBust username:
Contest #:
Game ID(s):


  1. This Giveaway is self-moderated to stop signature spam. I will remove all non-qualifying posts. If you quote the entire OP, your entry will be deleted.
  2. Only use one account per person.
  3. Eligibility: anyone can join.
  4. Exception to #3: anybody who has Red Trust on DT2 will be rejected.
  5. Don’t edit or delete your post.
  6. CryptoBust reserves the right to change this giveaway at any moment.

Q. Where’s your announcement thread?
A. :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: The Multi-Currency Crash Game :white_check_mark:

Q. How long will this contest be open?
A. The contest is open until all prices are claimed.

Q. Is there an escrow?
A. No. Prizes will be paid within 8 hours by tip on

Q. Can I win more than one prize?
A. No.

Q. Someone else won the same contest already. Can I win it too?
A. No. First come first serve: each prize can be claimed by one winner. The first person to post a valid entry wins.
Exception: Contest #5 can be won by 5 different winners.

Q. Can I also win a prize with a higher bet amount than asked for the contest?
A. No. You have to bet the exact amount.

I (LoyceV) was asked to help out posting and managing this thread, other than that I am not affiliated with Please post any questions here in the thread or PM CineXMike. Prizes will be paid by tipping on the site, there is no escrow.