Cryptocurrency on Google Trends

Check out the following graph from Google Trends, showing results for “Cryptocurrency” (2010-2015).

The line charted depends generally on the number of searches made in Google, I believe (if I am wrong here or there is more to it please let me know).

It looks like the whole of the year 2015 marks a gentle change of trend from decreasing to increasing.

A very general and simple overview, I know, but for those working on cryptocurrency projects I believe the signal is slowly becoming clearer - more interest will be coming our way, probably over a multi-year period.

What are your thoughts?


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henry Yes, that graph is horrible.

I looked at it closely and especially noticed an abrupt apparent end to all Reddcoin searches in June 2015.

IMO someone was spoofing Google prior to this time. Perhaps the same person who bought the 20,000 reddit followers. Who knows?

EDIT: also though, zoom in to a very short term period (last 7 days) and you can see data for searches nonetheless.

Overall, it is a great pity that something was done to boost search volume artificially (as I believe must have happened) as this has massively skewed the real stats. The long-term graph cannot show more recent months as the difference between spoof-on and spoof-off is too great, so we are unable to see the real evolution of searches over a long period. Which would of course be really interesting…

I met a risk management analyst for Lloyds and he knew nothing about bitcoin or the blockchain. I suspect that for most people its like this. They hear things but are not interested enough. As for what certain people did or didn’t do, if we are going to go down the road of speculation and recrimination then lets go all the way down and NAME NAMES and assign BLAME.

Redshift I do not think it is necessary to speculate about names. In any case it would almost certainly remain no more than speculation and it would thus be quite unhelpful.

In this particular case it is interesting to look at the data and speculate on why it shows what it does. Here I feel OK to speculate as I am not going to attribute anything to anyone without any concrete proof.

And when it comes to speculating on this particular data I do not think there are too many possibilities.

In chat with henry this evening he proposed the possibility that an online ads (Google Adwords) campaign may have stopped running. I am not sure that Google Trends would use Adwords data (I may be wrong) so the only other alternative I can think of that would explain a very sudden drop from an apparently consistent number of searches to apparently absolute zero is the scenario I outlined above - some kind of automated search activity that was one day simply switched off, and subsequently the Google chart not adequately being able to show both pre- and post-spoof activity.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has any ideas.

reddibrek Doing a search for Reddcoin rather than crypto currency a more general term gives you another perspective. Graphs & Charts with Data? Google has all kinds of them.
What are we going to do now? How are we going to move forward? These are more important questions in my opinion, Shadow Government Statistics have graphs that show the purchasing power of the US DOLLAR since 1997…its an inverted L like it fell off a cliff.
DATA historical data might be interesting but unless we have the specificity of who what when where why and how… whats the real value?
I am sitting here on a Sunday night wondering what else can we do with our blockchain…is there anything else we can do to add value? I feel like creating a chart and pricing every day goods and what the cost would be to purchase them in Reddcoin just for fun, Its been a difficult year in some respects but Bitcoin and Reddcoin along with it are enjoying an end of the year uptick. It would be nice to carry the momentum we have forward into the new year.

Well there it is…in BLUE and WHITE. The niche we currently inhabit. Its time we had a little media push. I think we need to identify some people with media profiles and Tip the heck out of them via Twitter or Reddit…

It is just that the people are getting to know about Crypto Currency and as most of world is still not connected to Internet it will be around 5 more years till Crypto Currency is used on daily basis as people are still getting to the idea of mobile wallets it would soon all change to Crypto.

It keeps going up anyway.

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