Current RDD thoughts?

I’m a holder of RDD for the long term. I have not owned it awhile but am excited about the potential.
Seems like some EOY profit taking after the big pop yesterday.
Hopefully 2018 will see it continue to rise and maybe get over $0.02


It’s crypto - anything can happen :slight_smile: Looking forward to 2018, hope we do well. Developers did a great job in 2017 second half.

Personally I don’t really get it where some cryptos take their high price from.
But if Reddcoin would finally integrate well as a tipping plattform in social media like Facebook, Twitch etc it could get a good price increase.
Hopefully it increases slow and steady to not scare off the average users - nobody wants to have money in their pocket/wallet without knowing what it’s worth the next day.
We don’t need pump and dump!

Is it still worth to invest around 7000 USD for 1 M RDD? What would be a reasonable amount to hold RDD?