CyberFy | Free File Hosting (NEW)

Hello Reddheads! On behalf of the CyberFy crew, I would like to present, and also apologize for taking so long, our new and improved file hosting platform. We have been offline for about 4 weeks. People were telling us, that we needed to do a nice revamp of the website and to add more information for people to understand what we do.
What’s New~
Improved security(further encryption, backups, etc)
You can now add your Reddcoin address so that payouts are simplier!
Better site template. Easier to navigate.
Reddcoin tipping enabled.
~CyberFy Prime~ (Premium Package) $2.99/Ɍ75,000 per month. (CHEAPER WITH REDDCOIN)

  • Unlimited storage just like the free package.
  • Custom portal & subdomain
  • Control your own user database with administrative features
  • Increased security
  • Priority support

Please sign up and start using our service!

We will be giving Ɍ25,000 to whoever reaches 200MB of storage first!

If you find any bugs, don’t hesitate to let us know so we can fix them. Thanks!

cyberfy hmm do custom subdomains apply to previously made accounts?

iisurge Absolutely. Just simply apply for an ugrade via the contact area!

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cyberfy Are folder uploads a possiblity?

If not are you able to upload zips? Im making a zip of my folder right now so I cant test yet

iisurge Dragging a folder onto the system is not functional yet. But yes, you can upload zips, or make a folder on the system and drag all the files into it.

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cyberfy Thanks!

cyberfy I reached 200MB!! was I first? :smiley:

iisurge Yes! Your reward has already been sent. Thank you!

This is really nice… and definitely a use case for Ɍ. A few months ago i set up a wallet for my mom with a few bucks worth of Ɍ in it, and she happens to be rather paranoid with her backups. Now she has a way to spend those “worthless” Ɍ. :smiley:

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Didi Wow this is awesome! This might be a great way to reach out to new users (get them to download the wallet, send them RDD, then have them pay for it). Im defiantly going to take advantage and let my friends know!