Data for SuperNET

Hello everyone! To allow the SuperNET (, MultiGateWay, InstanDEX, …) to support this coin I would like to kindly request from you the following data:

Default RPC port
Minimum transaction fee
Estimated block time in seconds
daemon file
Exact spelling of the conf file with path for

Example (Bitcoin)
Default RPC port: 8332
Minimum transaction fee: 0.0001
Estimated block time in seconds: 600
Daemon file: bitcoind

Exact spelling of the conf file with path for
Windows: Bitcoin\bitcoin.conf
Mac: Bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
Linux: .bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

Currently we’re looking for popular coins compatible with the Bitcoin RPC.

Please reply to my post here or write an email to, or use this form:

Feel free to send the data for any other Bitcoin RPC compatible coin you would like to see supported by Supernet. If you would like to be invited to, our main communication platform, please send me your email address.

All the best,

noashh Can you explain what Supernet is?

The features of each core coin will be made available to all of the others through a GUI embedded in the wallets of participating coins.

I’m not sure I like this idea. In my opinion coins shouldn’t ‘exchange/share’ their core features. Each coin should be unique and be able to stand out alone. The truly good coins will survive, while small alt coins with one or two ‘cool’ features and non-dedicated devs will either die or first join a network like this to raise its value a bit before it does.

SuperNET plans to achieve its aims by acquiring a significant (10 percent market cap) stake in participating coins with promising technology, adding further value by cross-marketing their features and providing additional services.

This to me sounds like this is mainly to benefit the creators of SuperNET. Reddcoin isn’t necessarily about price either, it’s more about mass adoption of crypto, ease of use, and tipping content creators and social media users. It is, after all, the social currency.

I think reddcoin should stay independent and develop on its own. The devs are very dedicated and hard working. It will pay off in the end.

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noashh I would think of SuperNET is a Gateway Exchange much like what Ripple and Stellar would depend on to exchange currency (or provide reward, compensation or sort). How does it differ itself from and the gateways? How will it benefit Reddcoin as well?

noashh Before anyone starts giving this public information, We would like to know more about Supernet! If you so want reddcoin and communty tolerance in this “supernet” you should start by that point mate!

How would benefit Reddcoin in particular? If we are all together what is the edge there?
Just Price?
An exchange? How do you interact with different blockchains to have security. You talk about Fiat? This is also a centralization point, Where are the systems located inside any EU, USA, china, or in countries where regulation is not yet applied?

We are not fighting other cryptos we embrace some of them. This idea is because old bitcoin solders are afraid that some nice projects have some success in this next 2 years. They are stupid because they could easily monetize other than waste time on diminishing.

Does this need to make any fork? What is stopping you from getting Reddcoin as an option like did?

Last if you are so worried about wars why would you create a new token like this ?

I do sincerelly would like to se answer to these questions, I’m not being sarcastic here because this questions do not indicate anything new to me and I would really know how Reddcoin could benefit from this partnership!

Thanks noashh !

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When this was first proposed I believe laudney said that we were not interested. Not surprising since Reddcoin already has a pretty clear vision laid out.

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