Debug.Log growing yet UI frozen

I’m sure this has been addressed before, probably by me even, but I’m curious why the debug log continues to grow, showing the highest block that it’s downloaded, or indexed, yet the UI freezes up? Is it because the program only utilizes a single thread which does the work? Is there some way to use multithreading? I’ve created a batch file with reddcoin-qt.exe -dbcache=4096 to increase memory (I’ve got 32 GBs) to see if that helps. Not sure what other measure I can take with the current setup and not sure that if I rewrite the code and compile it to use multithreading it will be compatible. Probably would, because I won’t be changing how blocks are created or anything like that, but I just want to find a quicker way to download and verify blocks, or if reindexing is needed, make that faster. I’m sure it’s on the table somewhere. Just curious is all…

bmp02050 the app does utilize multiple threads.
I am aware of the application pausing, and it is occurring on the QT client and during staking.
If you disable staking, it will operate as normal
I have been researching this for a while, and i believe we need to move use to the bitcoin ESDCA library rather OpenSSL for signing.
One of the benefits of this library is that it provides a much improved speed boost.

Indexing is a requirement for Reddcoin, it maintains a complete transaction list.

One thing that may help, and worth investigating is fragmentation of the HDD