Decentralisation - Nice blog on topic and securing the blockchain

With all the talk on decentralisation, I came across this article
which i think summarises the importance of the topic in regards to securing the blockchain
It is a little technical, but readable

It goes into discussions comparing POW (bitcoin) vs POS (peercoin) and DPOS (bitshares)
The author is from Bitshares, but i think he does a good analysis of the situation.


Gnasher “Calling something centralized is like calling someone racist” I call this a nice read!

LOL -> I didn’t know the word “decentralization” was a trend! :stuck_out_tongue:

My take-away from 2014 was the collapse/implode of a number of coin exchanges
And how many new comers got burnt as they took their first steps into bitcoin/crypto
That has not good for any of us.

The mantra of bitcoin was its distributed nature
I believe Reddcoin fits here nicely (but we need to fill out the bellcurve on active wallets) as we need to be online to be minting.

My wish for this year is that Reddcoin gains the traction it deserves
and also, that a decentralised coin exchange evolves