Demo video of Zero Click Bitcoin Micropayment directly in the HTTP protocol (402 code)

This might be interesting for Social X, as far as I know it also implements payments via http protocol, right?

Its like based on the HTTP protocol. Great idea!

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I would love to see a feature like this for Reddcoin. Content creators should be able to control the price of their digital goods if they want to.

This would really be a boon to digital newspapers and maybe independent musicians.


Excuse the probably silly question, but what happens when somebody sets it to show 0.001 btc payment, but in the background takes 1btc?

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Dan That was my first thought also. Not enough dialogue, which is probably an easy fix. Sometimes 1 click actions are not good, especially if you have a 1 year old that attacks the laptop as soon as you walk away, Like I do lol.

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Dan As I understand the payment is currently optional and not validated. But in theory the server could require a unique-id as message for the payment transaction to allow server-side validation.

EDIT: If they ask for 1btc you could send 0.1 or even 0btc. I also don’t like that there is no dialog to confirm the amount you are paying. I think a payment needs at least 1 click or it would be easy to swipe all coins from your wallet.

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