Dev appreciation thread

Just wanted to set up a thread as a place for us to say ‘thanks’ to the Reddcoin developers who volunteer their time and effort to make this coin a success.

For those who aren’t aware, there are (I believe) 8 developers currently working on the Reddcoin project: laudney Reddcoin tralf bigreddmachine reddibrek raid5 lionzeye and Gnasher. This is a large and ambitious project which requires a talented and dedicated team of developers to match. We’re very lucky to have just such a team at work on the coin.

I think I speak for the vast majority of reddheads when I say that we appreciate your hard work and we believe in you and in this project. Please stop in and say ‘hi’ if you have a moment.

Side note: updates are delivered mainly through official announcements and the “Reddheads” newsletter, so maybe we could stay away from questions relating directly to development progress in this thread and just keep it as a friendly place to talk and offer gratitude.

I wish to say thanks aswell, you are doing a very great job!


Great work guys; its coming along great! Cant wait to see the puzzles pieces fall together.

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I love the reddcoin project. I would love to see more projects by the users


BrownSlaughter said:

I would love to see more projects by the users

We should create a “brainstorm” thread, so people can post idea for what would be good for the Reddcoin community. I my self wish to help the network with my development skills, but not able to come up with the ideas for it.

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I want to say thanks to bigreddmachine and laudney for taking the time to write the current reddheads newsletter about Redd-Id. It really helped me to better understand the requirements and goals for this project and to capture the big picture of this project. I don’t have the regular contact to members of the dev team and I’m mostly relying on the information that is public available in this forum and the newsletter whenever I find the time to read about it. so this kind of communication is really valuable to me. thanks guys!


indeed. big thank you to all the devs


I loved to read the newsletter. Great job on that and thanks in advance for all the job you have forward in the projects mentioned at the newsletters.

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