Developer and community member statements

I would like each developer and community member to submit a statement on here about how they viewed the first year of Reddcoin. Please include your most favourable moment, how you made a difference, when you got involved with Reddcoin etc. These statements will then be included in the upcoming book called “Reddcoin - History of the First Year”. A book on Peercoin has already been researched, written and published on Amazon. Here is the cover of the Reddcoin book:

Current progress (02/06/2015 - 2nd June):

A significant amount of research on the history of Reddcoin is complete.

The format and layout of the book is finalised.

I have written the final drafts of months January, February, March, April and May in the year 2014.

If anyone has any further questions, please leave a comment below

Chris Thompson

I’m a ReddCommunity member first and foremost. I’ve definitely had my fair share of shortened patience and momentary lacks of conviction, but I see Reddcoin as a wicked cool digital currency. It’s fun, generates more without copious amounts of electricity being wasted, and has several different platforms for use. One community member is making a site to purchase delicious goods, another is creating a universal payment system for the coin, and I’m trying to make a competitive online arcade that simulates 1980’s style games with the throwback to the arcade style of “put in money, get 3 lives, get high score” but with users getting back a reward for highest score at the end of the week.

When I first started, I jumped in at the final couple months of mining. A friend, who knew very little about digital currencies (I introduced him to them and he took off with it) at the time was talking about the philosophies of Reddcoin. I checked it out, lurked on the Reddit forum for a while, then started really getting into it. I mostly just mined other coins to sell on Cryptsy so I could buy more. Then the community really got involved. People were coming up with fun and interesting ways to use it and I wanted it.

I don’t have a degree in anything, but I wanted to learn how to program games and followed a few lessons. The first version of my Pac-Man style game is definitely clunky and has a few minor bugs, but for 2 weeks to learn all new programming languages and Unity3D, it wasn’t too bad. Now to make improvements and release the competitive version so people can get bragging rights.

I definitely appreciate the work that reddibrek, Convertor, Gnasher, iisurge and many others, have contributed to the community and I hope that I can manage to do the same.


bmp02050 Thanks

There are many elements to the sucess and future. Each of us has a role to play and I am impressed with your efforts also.
Your actions speak louder than words.
I would hope to see you expand your portfolio of games basing with RDD.


bmp02050 I really appreciate your words.

Like gnasher says, what you are doing is the most important thing.

It is worth remembering that Bitcoin started in the same way: a handful of enthusiasts contributing to the embryonic economy. Time flies but it is hard to keep efforts up day in day out. But we will do it together!


I recently joine d the community and want to bring ReddCoin to the Masses so everyone can enjoy our social currency and buy anything and everything with it


Reddcoin - History of the First Year is nearly complete. Pleae could members of the Reddcoin development team submit their personal statements as soon as possible.

Book will be between 155-160 pages long and slightly bigger than A5.

Just tell me when it is out Excited for it

AkshatBahety It will be published in the next 1-2 weeks :wink:

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I want Laudney, Reddibrek, bigreddmachine, usernamenotlongenoug and raid5 to get in touch with me as regards this

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Tyke said:

I want Laudney, Reddibrek, bigreddmachine, usernamenotlongenoug and raid5 to get in touch with me as regards this

It seems that it’s going to be hard. Does anyone have contact info from them? Tried reaching laudney though twitter, but I failed.

‘’ I WANT’’…well I want a lot of things…
You might do better by asking politely.

I think there will be some huge announcements soon from now. You all know rdd launched posv in juli last year :slight_smile:

Lowww What if the announcement is…the Hobby is not being worked on…what then…
Your wish for a big announcement has negative possibility’s


Adding some words for you.

I first noticed Reddcoin reasonably early on in its history in 2014
I had read a few articles around about the time of the launch and IPO in January, which I found quite interesting.
I could see the benefit of creating a dedicated cryptocurrency that was focused on delivering a mechanism to become the new internet “like” button. The developers had the idea to build an infrastructure to support tipping across various social networks. This was really cool

So my first part of 2014 was spent lurking on Reddit and bitcointalk learning what it (the coin) was wanting to achieve and could see that there was a sustained community interest, before turning to mining for coin in early May (there were so many coin launches in early 2014 which were distracting along with many calls to IPO scams, etc). I focused all my mining resources (a massive 4 GTX280x mining rig) towards the reddcoin blockchain. I had run a few different p2pool nodes in the past, so decided to setup my own P2Pool node as well and generally put my attention to that. I contributed a little to the discussions contained on the various forums. Apart from this I feel I didn’t have too much to contribute.

The switch to POSv was probably the highlight of 2014 for me. After reading Laudneys white paper it was inspiring
It wasn’t just about how many coins you have, but also it was about using them.
Opening your wallet for staking became a cost effective method to generate reddcoin (approx 5%pa). It also helped to secure the network as the incentive to generate coins, also meant that at the same time someone can help contribute to the network security and be rewarded for the effort. Traditional mining was always an expensive past time (look at bitcoin) to setup and maintain, and POSv now made it very affordable and practical

My real involvement for the ongoing development of Reddcoin came in the later part of 2014 and early 2015.
This came about when several users were claiming that there was an issue with the blocktime generation time. I was able to identify that there was a problem, and presented my findings to Laudney. I then worked with Laudney to help diagnose the problem, and later test the fixes to the wallet that were provided
This inspired me to start looking at what more could be done. Reddcoin was in need of more community involvement. There was a constant reminder that there was no method to tip on the new forum ReddcoionTalk. I took this as an opportunity to investigate, and then implemented the tip button on the ReddcoinTalk forum.

Personally, my current activities include to continue to investigate ways to improve the current tipping method, along with alternate methods for different websites. I want to also inspire some of the community who are developers to embrace the tools currently available and develop and build out applications using reddcoin as the base.

Remember, this is a project where anyone can contribute!


I started exploring cryptocurrency this year and ReddCoin struck me due to its PoSv algorithm and its helpful community which has helped me learn a lot of things.

And with Redshift Kraatus have been my mentors in setting up a business in exchange of ReddCoin. :grin:

Redshift there was nothing impolite about it. Please stop seeing the negative side to everything. :smiley:

Tyke I WANT is a demand…its not polite.
I can parse the sentence for you if you like.
I would like it if
It would be nice if
If any of the Dev’s would like to…

See the difference…I WANT is a 4 year old statement…a global demand…
Seriously its the english language and words have meanings. Learn the subtle nuance and couch your written communication accordingly. I read what you wrote and reacted poorly.I wonder who else did. Politeness in written and spoken words goes a long away.
If you can’t take the minor critique of your post good luck with publication reviews

Redshift I didn’t take it negative at all. We on an online forum, you can’t expect everyone to stretch their sentences so they are slightly more polite. “I want” in my mind is the exact same thing as “I would like”, unless in a very formal face to face situation. I think calling it a demand is a bit overkill

Please would dev team members, or those who have contributed to the Reddcoin project greatly, write a personal statement. Above all, I would like Reddibrek to submit his :smiley: