Development Team Progress

Last month progress (06/25 to 07/25) :

  • As you may have notice, reddcoin went down during the last week and a half, and is now fully restored thanks to John dedication.
  • Some light progress has been made toward an electrum wallet and results are promising
  • Minor progressions regarding bitcoin 0.10, 0.12 and 0.14 integration
  • No Redd-ID evolution as john was all over the website.

Other elements :

  • Our marketing/Communication team is ramping up to provide starter kits
  • Some nice ideas are generated there and maybe some will see the light

Stay Tuned !

So here are our progress (until we find a proper tool for displaying it to everyone) :

~During last week (2017/06/18 to 06/25) and still ongoing :~

  • Analysis of controlled performance testing env and Bitcoin .12 code and changes
  • HD Browser wallet refinements after beta testing

~During last week and done :~

  • Milestone: Slack Reddbot release

~Other elements :~

  • Test of a management tool (dapulse)
  • Discussions to generate brand awareness through contests and other social marketing and communication operations

~During last week (2017/06/11 to 06/17) and still ongoing :~

  • Code re-evaluation and discussions regarding electrum for wallet
  • Analysis of bitcoin 0.9 to .10 changes for planification
  • Coding for mobile wallet
  • Side Experimental Project : CodeRedd

~During last week and done :~

  • 2017-2018 Roadmap published
  • Milestone: HD Browser Wallet

~Other elements :~

  • Reorganization of the team with mobile and core smaller teams
  • Discussions to create a Marketing/Communications team (place available)

Stay tuned

DeadPool is the HD Browser wallet up and running now?

will be in a few hours/days, checking the last details.

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DeadPool Amazing stuff, great job mate.

Wow…this is amazing…waiting…

When it Redd ID coming out? We gotta advertise these changes and improvements directly on the website and make it known to the potential investors. You gotta add a “recently updated” segment as people come to the website so that they can see that there were changes made recently.


Agree with shooriko, would love to see a part of the siting giving us info on recent changes and progress etc.

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DeadPool is the HD Browser wallet out now? and are we still on schedule for reddid release? :slight_smile: