DFD Reddcoin Tips Wordpress Plugin v1.0.7 Released

I just released v1.0.7 of DFD Reddcoin Tips, here is the changelog entry for this version:

= 1.0.7 =

  • 2015-7-10
  • Updated Cryptsy API compatibility to detect / switch if any API server is detected as offline
  • Fixed server compatibility bug that may have thrown errors on servers with PHP running in a fairly strict mode
  • Added notice about the ReddAPI no longer being in service

More info on this plugin can be found in my original announcement of the plugin’s availability:


It works great with the chrome browser wallet, which I must say has come along very nicely.

Happy tipping! :o)

Good to hear you have continued to develop the WP Reddcoin plugin.

Do you have a direct link to your plugin that users can get to?

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Gnasher Yes, you can download at the link below, or simply go to your wordpress plugins admin page and search “dfd reddcoin tips” to get an install link.



dragonfrugal Thanks this is awesome i am a member of a small community forum based around a paranormal radio show FADE TO BLACK by Jimmy Church they have a WP Website Faders.org this will be a cool link for me to post there
The Admin is METHOD of Signalling or METHOD for short I will let him know

There has been a call across multiple forums here included for this type of thing. Thank you for following through. Going to give this thing a whirl soon.