DFD Reddcoin Tips Wordpress Plugin v1.0.9 Released

I just released v1.0.9 of DFD Reddcoin Tips:


Here is the changelog entry for this version:

= 1.0.9 =

  • 2016-3-4
  • Changed market value API to use Poloniex instead of Cryptsy

Glad to see Reddcoin is back on track! :slight_smile:

dragonfrugal good to see your still contributing :slight_smile:

Gnasher Good job keeping thing rolling, I just noticed my browser wallet still restored fine and has my balance. I saw you wanted testers if anybody had the old version? I think I do (I see it’s removed from chrome store, but it’s still installed on my machine)…just holler if you want me to try anything out. Also, how can I backup this extension?

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dragonfrugal I have been working on some fixes for the wallet as it wouldnt always display all transactions. I thinkI fixed it now, and I am starting to roll my updates for ReddID in

What is your current installed version?

Gnasher Cool. I’m running v0.0.2. If you’d like me to test your latest version with you let me know.

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dragonfrugal definitely.

My immediate focus on the v2.0 QT wallet as this is the core for everything new that will happen during 2016.
Once I am satisfied with that it is all working smoothly, more focus will be given over to the Browser Wallet.
At the moment, i am probably about 80% QT, 3% Browser Wallet, 17% Everything else

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Gnasher Groovy. Good luck with the QT wallet, sounds like a good plan you’ve got there.

dragonfrugal Hello Michael!

Great to hear you have updated the plugin. Can I ask, will it work on WordPress 4.4.2?


reddibrek Hi Stuart! :slight_smile:

Yes, it is tested in Wordpress 4.4.2. I have plans to use live.reddcoin.com 's API to replace the outdated reddapi functionality eventually as well, time permitting.

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dragonfrugal So good to use for basic tipping functionality?

btw on the WP description for the plugin it says: Compatible up to: 4.2.7

reddibrek Exactly. I should make some more widgets too eventually, specifically smaller ones. You can see it’s current smallest widget running live at the bottom of the sidebar on my blog:


This is the smallest one at the moment. There is also a bigger version available in the Wordpress widgets section.

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dragonfrugal Cool! Thank you.

I’ll see where I can fit it in on www.reddheads.com news and articles.

reddibrek said:

btw on the WP description for the plugin it says: Compatible up to: 4.2.7

Weird, I do not have it marked as such anywhere in my code (just batch searched for 4.2.7 and got no results). I’m guessing that may update if somebody other than me marks it’s compatibility on the bottom right here:


reddibrek Sounds groovy, thanks! :slight_smile:

dragonfrugal installed great and working as intended… thanks!

I sent a small donation to your address. Keep up the good work!

reddibrek Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

dragonfrugal Just saw your wordpress plugin in action on ReddHeads.com.

That is very neat. great work.
Just sent you a little something to your Rdd address

Gnasher Thanks very much! :slight_smile: