Dice Race

Krumz and I have put together a Dice site for us to use. It’s still under construction and we could dev use some ppl testing it out. www.dicerace.com please let us know what you think.


iisurge Good idea…NO HTTPS…NO DICE

iisurge Seems this site is based on Dice Script 3

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ReddcoinRocks that’s correct its not a scam and is just a bought script for fun. It’s currently being used for paycoin. I’m also located on hashclub and talk.paycoin.com I’m a moderator and escrow on both forums and highly trusted with the community there.

Sorry for my random postes have just been trying to share with u guys and start using ur forum.

Our main purpose for these sites is trying to bring some usability to the coins I’ve been using.

If you check out www.lazywebs.com there is an example of the past sites I have built. I’ve sold www.thehouseofdiem.com and am currently building several others.

To give you a little info on my self I’m mainly learning how to build all of these sites and have been doing so as a hobby. I’ve been a crypto enthusiast for the past three years and have mainly invested in coins with good communities. To me I find we can all get alot done by resourcing each other and growing through everyone’s talents :slight_smile:

Also there’s a faucet built into it so u don’t even have to buy in. Was mainly looking for testers I want to get alot of ppl rolling at one time to see if the server lags out or anything