Dice site - possibily strong brand or unnecessary topic?

I don’t know where put this topic, so I think “economics” is now the best.
What do you think about dice sites for reddcoin. We should promote or restrict discussion about them?
If you remembered, doge-dice was a big part of dogecoin economy. When site was closed, price of doge clearly went down.
A lot of people like gambling and it could be an important part of our redd economy.
Now we have only reddice.me. For me this site is legit, like dogedice.me or bitdice.me from the same owner - Alex.

Doge-dice was a brand which everyone of dogecoin fan known, and I think that we need to have strong brand like that, for e.g. reddice.me could make this. Well-known dice site will attract more people to our community.

So what do you about this, promote or ban discussion about dice sites?

Well I personally love the *dice.me sites, so I say promote them! Theres also litedice.me (;


hydrazine there is fortunejack,com and someone was nearly finished with a reddcoin blackjack site but it unfortunatly hasn’t been updated in months

I think a more interactive gaming site would be better. Bring something unique to the crypto space that no other altcoin offers. Dice and spin sites are a dime a dozen. But I suppose another one couldn’t hurt. As far as discussion, I don’t know why we would ban it.

I try to stay away from the dice games. I see while I was away that a reddcoin dice game got hacked or something, it’s not up anymore.
I’d say it’s smarter to keep your coins in your wallet, but if you do play on the gambling sites know that you could lose it all.