Digging through RDD Master Code

So, digging through the source code I have found one of my favorite lines:

if (nTime > nNow + 10*60) // came in a flying DeLorean

A lot of this C++ is over my head (I only did a couple of years of C++ and that was 15 years ago [crap I’m old]) but with Google, it will all make sense. However, I do wish to start the journey to understanding the underlying code behind how reddcoin works. Wish I had a broader knowledge of C++…I’m more of a database, sql kind of guy…

// some scary rounding dirty trick here for leap / non-leap years
// CoinAge=365 -> nSubsidy=9993
// CoinAge=366 -> nSubsidy=10020
int64 nSubsidy = nCoinAge * COIN_YEAR_REWARD * 33 / (365 * 33 + 8);

bmp02050 Ha, I have a line like that in a cleanup batch file I wrote for work. If the user inputs a future month it tells them to get back in the delorean and try again :smiley:

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GrayPhoenix That’s awesome! I’ve got some pretty interesting (albeit not so appropriate) commenting and variable names in some of my custom scripts for our ERP system. It has it’s own stupid cobol/vb/proprietary language mashup to write programs in

 variable.local.yourIQ.declare(long) //declare an integer variable named "yourIQ"
 variable.local.smart.declare(long) //declare an integer variable named "smart"

But I’m getting much better at it then I was last year. Anyways, since nobody else is trained to do what I do, and nobody else will ever look at my code, I keep it maintained up to a point where someone would get a chuckle out of the code if they understood programming at all.

Like I said…that language is a pain in the butt…and this super advanced C++ that I wish I could begin to understand is even harder with nobody to get training from…

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