Discussion on Stackoverflow about the merits of tipping

Just read this over on /r/bitcoin and so checked the link about a request to integrate cryptocurrency tipping.
An interesting read, especially the comments to see what others think of the idea. It seems to expose the necessity to educate the educated further.

Gnasher Yeah he addressed the question very baldly. I already had an experience similar on twitter when tipping some Reddcoins. People think is spam because there were a lot of scam altcoins back when we started.

Right now this is just a new trending phase. Education is needed!

People tend to have an attitude against it because of pride first (people being bought for coins) and second because they don’t know the source of that money. Social X would be needed, indeed. I like to receive but know from where it comes. If we think the web is all connected we check for linkshorters to see the action clicks.

There will always be people against this solution… movement of openness when tipping. But It is needed.

PS: I would make the idea of donations, a tipjar for each individual. SocialX is more important for adoption than the tipping platform, your post confirms it!

Oliver I believe his intentions were noble, just poorly executed. A single mans voice. I nice term i saw today and reminded me again for adoption is, ‘network effect’ .
Do you remember when Facebook first kicked off… i mean right at the beginning?? They used network effect. Everyone was clicking approve/disapprove on a pair of pictures
Look how a small group of subjects roped in the world (not forgetting they had some help by hijacking some contact databases)

Gnasher We maintain a small group of involved people and we garantee that this project can grow. We already have that. We are aligned in these thoughts. We know what we want and the niche we want to first fill. Lots of discussions were made and we survived to some hostile ones too. Almost one year after we can see the first signs of utility for the end user. This was the equivalent of the real user Reddcoin birth. A much deserved celebration to some believers like me.

The network effect is the best thing we can have. The tipping button is that thing that could be there. Doesn’t bother or disturb anyone. It calls for attention and the competition will see this as a form of distinction. A not evasive one.

The more authentic involvement for the community the more people talk and so on. This is a technology that is addictive and faster than the normal payment system. This next year is an integration year… Lot of the community work will have huge impact for the project.

PS: Databases are awesome, specially emails contacts. :wink:

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