Do not try REDDCOIN wallet!!!


None of my deposit appeared. I lost 100% trusting it. They need to hire talent. Should not have released core wallet at all but there it is all over the net for unsuspecting trusting people. Zero customer service. DO NOT DOWNLOAD REDDCOIN WALLET UNTIL THEY HIRE RELIABLE ENGINEERS AND PROCESS REFUNDS!!!


The blockchain technology simply does not allow any form of refunding.
This is not specific to Reddcoin core.

What if I told you that you owe me money.
Would you give it to me?
If so, we have to talk :wink:

How about telling us your problem first.
Maybe there is an solution to it.
Is your wallet fully synced?


ball0r i deposited to reddcoin core. It never showed up. I emailed transaction to customer service. Yes i realize its gone, actually there is a recovery method for sending wrong coin. I researched but this isnt the case.
This was verified correct address on both ends cut paste. No response to customer service email via wallet. No errors my end, it went through but wallet is absent any funds. Shouldnt have released with bugs. Glad it wasnt my full amt. Just frustrated no customer support response whatsoever. Thanks.


CASTLEGATES Please keep in mind that the devs are fighting many wars at this moment.

Could you give us more informations.
It’s still unclear whether your wallet is synched or not. - is there a green check mark on the bottom right in Reddcoin core?
If not you have to wait until Reddcoin core is fully synched or follow this guide to speed it up.

To make sure the transaction was successfull executed you could also check it here
Just search for your receiving address.
As long as the transaction is listed there, you have good chances that its just fine.

edit: remember to make a backup of your wallet!


Is it wallet?? Anyone tell me about REDDCOIN??


Hey, you look pretty professional here! What do you think of trading bots? I was recommended to try dozen of times. I still think of how can it help me in trading.


Did anything change? Because i was thinking to get reddcoin core wallet