Does anyone play poker in Reddroom?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody even plays poker in Reddroom. Any time I check to see if people are in the tables I see nobody. If you do play poker comment below, I would love to play poker with Reddcoins I have enough to spare. For those that like to play poker, we should start a poker group. We play a certain day at a certain time or we just contact each other to get on.


SapeMan I would like to play sometime to! cant tonight tho its late here (:

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iisurge I look forward to playing with you, it’s okay we can play whenever.

SapeMan i like to play if i got the time… i just heard this site:(

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I’m game once the server’s back online.

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i m trying to go reddroom but is not working

ymod They are currently working on a new payment api Vuudo

ReddcoinRocks thanks!

I remember playing Texas holdem on my android and on Facebook. If anyone can make a app where you can bet real Reddcoin and as cool as mentioned app " I would play till I’m Broke "