Does Reddcoin stake by wallet or by address?

I was wondering this earlier on today and couldn’t think of what is correct - does Reddcoin stake by wallet or by address?

That is to mean - if I had 10,000 RDD in my wallet, but 9,000 of it was one address’ and the other 1,000 was another address’, will they always stake together, or will my 9,000 stake individually to my 1,000?

Thanks for any info anyone has on this,

By wallet

So if I find a block, does the address with 9000 RDD get a stake reward and the one with 1000 gets a stake reward too?

Or does it just pay into one address? (If so, which one would it pay into?)

You stake only this what you have on yor wallet and you get 5% of them in one year.

But I have 2 addresses stored in the same wallet, so how will that work? Because you only get the interest on it when you find a block… So if I found a block with any address in the wallet, will all of the addresses get their interest?


Your addresses will stake individually.
Even on a single address it’s possible to have severall amounts of RDD which will stake on their own.
Sooner or later you will get your reward but on lower amounts it takes more time.

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What I mean though is would the two addresses stake by themselves? Or do the totals combine and then the stake reward gets split between the two addresses?