Does the 28 Billion outstanding coins of Redd, will make it hard to move up?

an innocent question, i have noticed that all the recent pumps in small coins, are somehow towards the coins with low volume of coins, questioning how you see Reddcoin chance of getting the same kind of pumps sometime reaching 200 and 300 % up

I hope that you will have your sell orders ready before it happens :wink:

REDHAT_BB if you look back at the charts, Reddcoin coin has been pumped twice. First time to 40sat and the second time to 20sats. There is always the risk of being P&D, but for the most part I think the coins has escaped any major attempt.

I would hope eventually what drives the price of Reddcoin higher is utility.


I would spin this more positively and say that the overhang will help ensure a stable price and act as a dampener on any price pumps. Just look at the order books and you can see how much buying would be needed to move the price up right now, and more selling may come out of the woodwork in reaction to any price move. Also it makes me wonder if the prior pumpers actually profited, or was their buying soaked up on the order books ? I guess the fact that there’s been no repeat to those two pumps a while ago may inform on this point.