Donation Addresses/ Community support.

Hi all. Like you all have read the news from Gnasher he has spoken about a donations address.
What I propose, is for those who want the best results for staking, after 8 days its best to use the coin(spend it/tip) to reset coin age, thus getting better interest from doing this. what I propose if when you hit 8 days, even if you donate 1 reddcoin per address, and we all contribute to this, then we are showing the reddcoin team full support, and that we know the hard work they have been doing for us, and to answer us is seen and known, They the reddcoin team, do not do this for them, but for us all. I have decided this and I shall donate 10% of what I stake every 8 days to support them the best I can. if it was not because we had this team that work on reddcoin, we would just be seen as another alt coin… not unique! NOW SHOW THE SUPPORT MY REDDHEADS!

I will definitely do my part in helping devs in this way. This is the least we can do to show our support. I hope all reddcoin users will follow. I am dedicating a big portion of my staking to the development group. Really looking forward for the tipping platform to roll out so I can pass on to other friends who would love this feature.