Don't want to handle the 20gb from reddcoin's wallet?

When I came into the Reddcoin community,I first downloaded the reddcoin official wallet and realised that 20gb is obviously way too much space. So I found a mobile wallet that works without registration. Of course, you can’t receive stakes on this wallet but if you own a small amount of reddcoins like me, staking is not that profitable if the wallet weight that much. The name of the wallet is Coinomi. It handles a LOT of cryptocurrencies and I suggest you to use it since it’s really simple. It also has a integrated Shapeshift module that is quicker and easier to use. Just give it a try!

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Hello OldMajor,
Fortunately the blockchain doesn’t really take that much space.
It’s just 3,6GB at this time.
Feel free to use Coinomi but keep in mind that with a third party app the risk of losing your coins might be a little bit higher.

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When I tried to sync the wallet, it told me that It would take up to 20gb

Yes it shows that at the first start but this is just a rough estimation from the dev of the core wallet.