Doubt Redd Id? Please help I don´t Understand

alt text
What Address must I to put there?
(address reddcoin will be send to)

my reddcoin address,?
address reddcoin to people tip?

How if I don´t know?

what Address?

I think that my address, If the people don´t receives the rdds, it come back to me,
is that so or not?

Address Reddcoin will be send to --> give a tip to the facebook poster

Probably it will not show an address because the facebook user does not have this setup.
So tell the facebook users to install this awesome tip option :slight_smile:

You send a tip to Redd-ID Reddcoin.
On top of the screen: Send Reddcoin Tip to Reddcoin

If you send a tip to a different Redd-ID user it will say
You send a tip to Redd-ID cyance