Downloading Etherium C++ Client God Help Me

Someone I know called and asked for help with Installing Etherium on a Mac…God help me I opened terminal and am going step by step through the process on facetime…
It might be a long night…

Redshift Such activities broaden the mind… even at 3am in the morning.
Keep the coffee hot

Gnasher Well… its friday night…the code is unstable and exploitable and thats a quote from the installer…first error code is 23 main body not writable so its back to the start
It seems to have picked up the brew installation it failed after the’‘pipeline closed unexpected error’’ Things seem to be going better this time around
==> Installing ethereum
==> Adding ethereum repository
$ brew tap ethereum/ethereum
Warning: Tap ethereum/ethereum already tapped.

==> Updating brew
$ brew update
Already up-to-date.

==> Installing eth
$ brew install cpp-ethereum
==> Installing cpp-ethereum from ethereum/ethereum
==> Cloning
Updating /Library/Caches/Homebrew/cpp-ethereum–git

Dont you love how things seem to go better the 2nd or 3rd attempt

I am also having one of those moment…
I am in the middle of porting some code from an old base to a new base…
Each attempt, gets a bit further advanced in the chain… some errors arrive.
Roll back a bit.
Carry on

They are not kidding around
==> Before installing Eth (ethereum CLI) read this:

➜ Frontier is a live testnet, it is not the ‘main release’ of Ethereum, but rather an initial beta prerelease;
➜ You’d be mad to use this for anything approaching important or valuable. Expect dragons;
➜ If you’re in any doubt, stand back and enjoy the show. It’s so unstable, even Chuck Norris would run away and hide from it;
➜ We fully expect instability and consensus flaws in the client, some of which may be exploitable;

==> I understand, I want to install Eth (ethereum CLI) [Y/n] y

Apples official response to update errors is to try the same thing 3 times…figuring each time it fails…it may fail a bit further along the path…to success…after 3 trys…give up its a brick.
As long as it throws a different error code they figure you are making progress.

Gnasher So as of now ETH client is running and I am GPU mining on Frontier net…seeking Ether…I have no idea what the difficulty is or will be…My friend used GETH and I am using ETH
apparently the commands are Java so you can make web.3 calls to the console and it accepts them…

That was too easy ABORT TRAP 6 Error