downloading wallet?

Hi I’m new to reddcoin and bought 500k coins. I’m trying to download the wallet but it will not execute.
If we expect this coin to be widely use, this problem needs to be fixed.
It needs to be a lot easier to download a wallet.
So if anyone can help me get this wallet working id appreciate it.
And if anyone knows the developers please get them to make this wallet easier of download.

What is your hardware and OS you’re trying to run on. How would you assess your level of technical proficiency ?

basic level…microsoft windows 10…intel core 1.5hz…64bit…4gb

Hey drugmaned, what is your exact problem? Any exceptions while executing the file?
I use Windows 10 als well and don’t have any problems.

What I suspect is that you are observing tha application starting, running, then appearing to freeze. You may see Windows tagging the title bar of the application window with “not responding”. Just ignore this. The application is so busy validating incoming blocks as part of the blockchain synchronization that it has no spare CPU time available to process Windows events. If you look at the CPU utilization of the process in Task Manager or Performance Manager you will see that it’s busy working away. Just leave it to do its stuff and be patient. Also note your CPU is rather on the slow side which is not helping the situation. We are currently working on a software update to improve the sync performance, but the existing version works fine too. Just stop watching it for a few days while it syncs with the blockchain.

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I’m also having trouble on Windows. my debug log says “waiting for network”, forever. I have basically opened up my entire network trying to get it to do whatever the heck it needs to. More details here:

Guys tell me, who knows how to restore RDD (rare) a purse. Backup made, reset the purse, and in which file is inserted or replaced?

Is there a Reddcoin paper wallet? I am nervous backing up anything any other way than paper.

henry I cant get past this

error opening file for writing:
c:\program files (x86)\Redccoin\reddcoin-qt.exe

click abort to stop the installation,
retry to try again or ignore to skip this file.

what am i doing wrong???

drugmaned Have you tried puttung the .exe somewhere else? Maybe you don’t have write access to the ‘program files’-folder, normally you need admin rights there. Also you should check the properties of the exe.

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drugmaned You are trying to run an old 32-bit version. Unless you’re on a very old version of windows, you should be running the version under c:\program files without the “(x86)” suffix. It’s possible you are using an old shortcut from your desktop or start menu. If you are sure you have the current 2.0 version of Reddcoin Core installed, then you should find the correct shortcut here:

Start, Reccvoin Core, Recddcoin Core (64 bit)

Failing that I recommend a reinstallation of the wallet from a fresh download from to deal with your system apparently being a bit messed up.

If that’s an error message you’re getting when actually running the installation, then ensure you are installing from an Administrator account or run the install script using “Run As Asministrator” from the right click menu.

Good luck !